Group Sales

Advertising Educational Exchange Travel to Cuba for People-to-People Contact

U.S. Persons must qualify for a general license or hold an effective specific license, before they may make their travel arrangements to Cuba. Several of the general licenses allow individuals to travel in a group. Each individual in the group must qualify for the general license and certify that he or she is traveling under a general license.

An individual cannot travel under the general license, solely because another individual has qualified. Each individual must meet the conditions of a particular general license.

Gulfstream Air Charter offers a variety of travel services to licensed groups. These services include:

    • Booking air travel to/from Cuba (and issuing airline tickets);
      Booking hotel reservations;
      Making ground transportation arrangements (including mini-vans or buses);
      Assisting with Cuban passport renewal applications;
      Assisting with Cuban entry visa applications; and
      Providing airport check-in information.
  • Please contact a Gulfstream Air Charter reservations agent for assistance with the group’s travel arrangements!

    The agent will ask each member of the group to provide some personal information and execute a certification demonstrating he or she is licensed to travel to Cuba. Each group member also should review and execute the Reservation Form and Operator Participant Contract. If the group member requires hotel accommodations and ground arrangements, the agent will ask him/her to review and consider the Travel Participation Agreement as well.

    (The Office of Foreign Assets Control requires that we obtain and maintain the personal information and certifications. Our Privacy Policy explains how this information will be used.)