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The capital of Villa Clara, about 300 km south-east from Habana, can be easily reach by autopista and the Carreta Central. 300.000 inhabitants who are mostly young because of the University.

The city square Parque Vidal, with the frequently performances of orchestras. In the earlier years this parque has separate walking areas for black and white divided by a fence. The colonial house among the parque are from the end of the 19e and begin of the 20e century. You can find here as well the Casa de la Trova for daily life music.

Another very interesting place is site of the last battle of the Cuban revolution. The capture of the train was the decisive factor in the triumph of the revolution and it is now a major tourist attraction. Batista was on the point of sending an armored train with military supplies and soldiers to Santiago de Cuba to counter attack revolutionaries.

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