Travel To Matanzas

Matanzas is one of the most emblematic cities of Cuba, its long history and unique characteristics makes it a truly special city, called the "Athens of Cuba", Matanzas deserves to be visited and known. It is located in the central western region of the island and its capital, city of Matanzas, in the northwest corner of the province just around the Bay of Matanzas.

The province limits in the north with the Strait of Florida, in the south by the municipality of Limonar, northeast of Cardenas and Varadero and west with the new Mayabueque province. With over three hundred years, the city of Matanzas has been the subject of intense transformations. During the summer the coast is cooler than inside the province, while in winter the opposite occurs, due to the thermoregulatory effect of the sea, the coast is felt more strongly by the northwest direction of prevailing winds. In general, the climate is hot and humid the last prevail for the presence of the river San Juan, Canimar Yumuri and through the town.

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