Travel To Holguin

Holguin is one of the most terrific cities of Cuba and it is universally regarded for its enchanting music and mouth-watering food delicacies. It is rightly located alongside the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in the eastern part of country Cuba and the region is widely mountainous in effect while the city is the 4th largest among the Cuban cities. It is said that Columbus also sailed onto the shores and hailed the place as "the most beautiful land, his eyes had ever seen"

while the government has done its utmost in ensuring that the surrounding area could not get affected since past centuries. Moreover, the presence of a handful of lively mage shopping complexes, a wide stretch of colonial buildings and some of the most prolific museums are considered to be more than sufficient to enthrall the minds of fun loving tourists while they land on such a land which is also regarded as the City of Parks. Furthermore, one can also get engrossed in the mind blowing mid sea activities, such as boating, surfing, rafting, fishing, swimming with dolphins, deep ocean boating and the like, while strict vigil is taken thereby and life guards remain alert all the time to look after the splashy events.

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