Travel To Cuba

Travel To Cuba

Charter, through its offices in Miami has dabbled in travel to Cuba as part of its development strategy and to increase the agency offering services to the community, and especially, Cubans or Americans who are authorized to travel to the island in different categories approved and regulated by the OFAC. In this regard, Gacharter, offering plane tickets to Cuba, consular services, package delivery and money to the island.

Cuba has something for every visitor. Vacationers seeking a secluded getaway can find it at an exclusive all-inclusive resort. Independent travelers seeking cheap holidays to Cuba and a glimpse at authentic Caribbean culture will be delighted by the neighborhoods of Havana and other Cuban cities. History buffs will love the vintage cars, colonial buildings, and living landmarks of a "second world" (communist) country.

Population : 11 million

Area : 110,860 sq. km. (44,200 sq. mi.)

Language : Spanish

Telephone Code : 53 (dial 01153 from the USA)

Time Zone : GMT -5 (Eastern Standard Time)

Cuban culture is varied and vibrant. The island's music --- salsa, rumba, and timba, among other styles --- has become world renowned. Its food is fast becoming a favorite cuisine in major cities all over the earth. A visit to this unique island provides so much more than a chance to relax in the warm Caribbean sun.

Until the 1950s, Cuba was a favored playground for American and European jetsetters. Cuba's alliance with the Soviet communist block and strained relationship with its powerful neighbor stopped tourism for many years. Since the early 1990s, tourism has become an important part of the Cuban economy, but the Cuban people retain a friendliness and openness unusual in other vacation destinations.

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